Free Books Online

As a book exile here in Costa Rica I'm all for promotions that involve free downloads of novels.  Harper Collins has American Gods by Neil Gaiman available online for the next month. 

American Gods

And Tor is giving away a book a week for the next three months for those of you interested in fantasy and science fiction works.  I've read the first two already.  Neither of them were things I'd normally pick up, but I'll take what I can get.  I haven't read much fantasy since I was a teenager, so Mistborn was a nice blast from the past.  And I've never read any military science fiction, but I enjoy John Scalzi's blog and was curious about his fiction.  Old Man's War wasn't really my thing (too violent), but it was a quick, entertaining (and funny) read.  I whizzed through it last Friday afternoon while Petra was napping. 

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