My Niece – Updated

Here's a recent picture of Miss O, she of the chubby thighs in my previous post.  She's now a long lean, string bean at 2 1/2 going on about 10.  I'm amazed at how grown up she looks.

Just after I posted this, I got a call from my sister – Olivia fell and broke both bones in her right forearm yesterday evening.  She's in a cast from wrist to shoulder.  Poor wee thing!!

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2 Responses to My Niece – Updated

  1. Zotta says:

    Gorgeous! I hope she won't be injured again for a long time!

  2. Janette says:

    Oh, me too!! And I'm sure O and my sister agree – they had a very stressful few hours at the hospital. O's feeling a little better now apparently, but she's still sore and tired.

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