Photos and Food

A quick post to let you all know I'm still here.  Petra's growing again I think, she's eating every couple of hours during the day which means that I'm not getting much done.  She's been piling on the weight and has now got lovely little fat girl hands and feet, with dimples where her knuckles should be and rolls of flesh around her wrists and ankles.  As of her last appointment with the pediatrician, she's 6.2kg and 61.5cm.  She's grown 10.5cm in three months – an astonishing amount.

Last night Petra spent an hour of the four hours between 7:30 and 11:30 eating.  By the time she went to bed I was drained, of milk and of energy.  If a steak dinner had dropped down in front of me, I would have scoffed it even though it was after midnight.  I had to make do with toast and jam which was not nearly as satisfactory.  Breastfeeding is hard on the body.  In the first few weeks I found myself having sugar crashes quite often while my body adjusted to the extra work.  That doesn't happen as much now, unless Petra's extra hungry like she was last night.  But I'm still eating and drinking much more than usual and losing weight even so.  I have lots of weight to lose though, so thank god for breastfeeding!

We went out for lunch today to eat salad and drink fresh fruit juice – two things I'm still excited to get after avoiding them at restaurants during my pregnancy.  Petra sat on my knee and watched the world go by.  Costa Ricans are keen on babies and she attracted quite a bit of attention.  The chef, a big man with a black beard, wearing a huge white chef's hat, saw her from a distance and made a rush at our table.  He cooed and gushed – lots of muy lindas and mi amors and preciosos – and asked if he could hold her.  I wasn't convinced I liked the idea (it's an odd thing but I'm not really keen on unfamiliar people holding my baby) and I thought Petra might freak out.  But it seemed churlish to say no in the face of his enthusiasm.  Petra was fine, looking around quite happily while he lifted her up and chattered at her.  As Travis commented later, she's like a cat, she likes a prospect.

Here's Petra looking cute in purple last week.

Purple Petra 1Purple Petra 2Purple Petra 3Purple Petra 4Purple Petra 5

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2 Responses to Photos and Food

  1. Roewan says:

    Purple Petra looks solemn. And regal. Perhaps a Purple Princess Petra. How old? She looks almost toddler-aged already!

  2. Janette says:

    Yes, purple Petra wasn't quite convinced that being stuck on a chair and flashed at was what she wanted so she gave me her pensive look….She's 14 weeks old – not toddling yet, thankfully. I don't think I'm equipped for that right now!! 🙂

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