Cloth Nappies

They work.  Which I'm really excited about.

The nappies looked dauntingly huge when compared to tiny newborn Petra, so I waited until the New Year when Petra was about 6 weeks old to begin using them.  They've turned out just fine.  They contain leaks and spills better than disposables.  Petra doesn't get nappy rash from them.  And they're kind of fun.  I have cute covers and different coloured pre-folds and brightly coloured fleece night nappies and a nifty little clasp called a snappi.  Much more exciting than boring old disposables.


The fleecy night nappies are wonderful.  They're fairly bulky, making Petra look like a Weeble when she has one on, but they're (at least so far) completely leak-proof.  Petra sleeps for 7 or 8 hours at a time now and the nappies are up to the task of containing 8 hours worth of pee as well as anything else Petra throws at them.

The nappies aren't hard to care for either.  I wash one small load every day and dry them on my indoor line.  No fuss, no muss.  No scraping, soaking, or bleaching required.

And, we have no more bags of used nappies festering in corners waiting to go out on rubbish day, so it's much nicer in our laundry room than it used to be.

I'm sold.

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