It’s Not a Bug, It’s a Feature

New babies have a couple of design quirks that cause their parents grief, although the babies themselves seem untroubled:
1)  Sleep, or the lack thereof.  Babies sleep backwards.  They're happy to stay up until 4 or 5 or 6 am and then sleep all day.   This kind of schedule was fine back in the day when I did it occasionally and had the whole weekend to recover in.  Now that I'm old and boring, it's not so much fun.
2) Digestion, or the lack thereof.  Babies have tiny stomachs, stomachs furthermore that aren't used to milk.  And if Petra is anything like typical, they don't know when to stop eating.  She's happy to drink until she passes out or pukes.  This I never found fun, even back in the day.

These two unfortunate tendencies came together on Wednesday night (Thursday morning) with dramatic results.  Petra had had a tuberculosis vaccination in the afternoon and was obviously uncomfortable and discombobulated afterwards.  She just wouldn't settle to sleep, preferring instead to keep on feeding and feeding.  She finally fell asleep at about 3am and I put her in her cot.  She woke up again a few minutes later, squirmy and fussy.  I sat on the edge of our bed with her to comfort her and she threw up all over us, then put her face in the puddle.  I was stuck with vomit everywhere and a baby with puke in her eyelashes and up her nose and all over her clothes.  Travis was sleeping on, oblivious, but not for long.  I prodded him awake and he found himself running around looking for clean clothes for Petra and changing the sheets on our bed (the splatter was quite wide spread) while I stripped Petra, mopped her down and redressed her.  She and I spent the rest of the night sitting on the laziboy in the lounge because neither of us wanted to risk her lying down again.  I got about 2 hours sleep for the whole night – it's taken me days to recover.  Petra, however, was bright and chipper the next day, as if nothing had happened.  She has more stamina than me!

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