What Were You Doing Nine Years Ago?

Over at the Whatever, John Scalzi has a post up celebrating his ninth year as a blogger.  He's included a video for Madonna's song, Ray of Light.

I'm not a huge Madonna fan, but Ray of Light is one song of hers that I like very much.  Listening to it this morning took me right back to 1998.  I remember hearing it in the gym and discussing the song with my trainer between reps – he thought she'd done a good job interpreting the current dance music thing.  And I remember pulling into my driveway one night with it playing on the radio and sitting in the car in the dark until the song had finished.

1998 was a big year for me.  Nine years ago this month I was four months away from leaving New Zealand for Vancouver.  I was three months away from handing in my thesis.  I was getting ready to pack all my stuff into my parents' garage.  I was beginning the rounds of goodbye parties and dinners.  I had handed in my notice at work.

My god!! - I've been away from New Zealand for nearly nine years.  I still feel so attached to Dunedin that it doesn't seem that long to me, but my personal New Zealand stopped at the end of the last millennium.  When I left, I had no idea that I'd be away for almost a decade.  I plan to move back there, am always on the verge of it in fact, but so far, there's always been something else to do, somewhere new to go, first.

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