Sunday Morning

The scene: Travis and me, sitting downstairs at our new dining room table drinking coffee and decaf tea (guess who drinks what!).

I ask Travis if he'd like to listen to some music and if so, what song would take his fancy.  We're both stuck for suggestions.  I say, "what's a good song for a Sunday morning?"

This is Travis's thought:

This is mine:

While we wait for the songs to load (Youtube is so slow this morning that it's nearly going backwards), we have a conversation about mangoes and breasts.  Travis picks up the supersized Costa Rican mango we have ripening on the bench and throws it around.
"My boobs must be nearly that big." I say.  I'm joking – I don't think for one minute that I could possibly have mango-sized boobs.
Travis brings the mango over to compare. 
"Oh my god, I'm bigger than that mango!"
Pregnancy is a weird and wonderful thing….

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4 Responses to Sunday Morning

  1. Janette says:

    What's scary is when your belly sticks out MUCH further than your fuller than normal boobs. This is when you know you're towards the end of the pregnancy journey 😉

  2. Janette says:

    I'm there! My awe-inspiring boobs are totally dwarfed by my belly. In the last week or so, I suddenly look like a woman in late pregnancy – my stomach has changed shape and is sitting way forward now. I'm enjoying this phase though. I feel healthy and glowing, and I like the way I look, which is good after a period of feeling heavy, ungainly, and breathless. I'm not sure what's changed, but I'll take it!

  3. Personally, I'd think of the Kinks, with"Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon", but it may be that it's really sunny afternoon and I've been mishearing it all these years. Still works, though.BTW, aren't you glad you don't grow melons?

  4. Janette says:

    You inspired me to trawl around Youtube to listen to a bunch of Kinks songs. I found out that the song title is "Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon" and that "Lola" is about a transvestite. Who knew?! I'd never paid close attention to the lyrics before, just sung along with the chorus. My innocence has been shattered.And, oh yes, I'm very glad to stay far away from melons – too scary!

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