Sam Cooke

I've been crushing on Sam Cooke and his wonderful voice for years.  I found out that Cooke was more than a singer of r&b flavoured pop songs by a circuitous route, via John Lennon's cover of Bring it on Home to Me on his Rock 'n Roll record.  It sent me on a search through the bins of cheap CD's that flooded the market in the early 90's as record companies rushed to release their back catalogues in the new format.  Eventually, I found this:

You have to get past the light fluffy songs like Only Sixteen and Cupid that have been played and covered to death to get at the fabulousness of his voice, but fabulous he is!  Here's Bring it on Home.

And live, in front of a black audience, instead of a buttoned-down, white tv audience, he was amazing.  I wanted to put up the live version of Bring it on Home off the Live at the Harlem Square Club album, but I have a technical hitch with my IPod – it won't let me copy anything off it.

So here's It's All Right/For Sentimental Reasons off the same album.

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