Guess Who’s Back…

Travis is back!

I collected him from the airport yesterday afternoon.  It took him an hour to get his luggage, so I had to lurk around outside waiting for him.  It was interesting to see the varied reactions to my pregnancy.  One man offered me his seat and crouched against the wall instead, another man lit a cigarette near me, then having noticed me sitting there, coralled his partner who was also smoking, and moved away from me.  Very considerate of him!  Not everyone was so polite, intent as they were on getting the first cigarette after hours of enforced no smoking, or finding a prime seat while they waited for their hotel taxi to arrive.

Travis eventually emerged and we joined the rush hour traffic into town.  Not the most welcoming welcome for Travis, but I think he's pleased to be back.  And I'm certainly glad to have him here.

He took lots of pictures of Madrid (he had a long layover there on the way to South Africa) as well as of the bits of Pretoria he saw so that I could be a vicarious traveller.

It was hot hot hot in Madrid – awnings arch over streets in the centre of town to protect shoppers and tourists from the nearly 40 degree heat and people take refuge in the fountains to escape.

Pretoria wasn't so hot, it's winter in the southern hemisphere, nor so glamorous.  But Travis got to spend some time with a couple of the Vancouver lads and visit the Apartheid Museum with some of the Costa Ricans who are working in the Pretoria office.  Oh, and he did some work as well.

The Office:

Robin strikes a posePoker Tournament

Travis's Bed and Breakfast – a small piece of Germany in Africa:

Hamburg B&B, with dogsHamburg B&B, common areaHamburg B&B, caged cat

The house the ex-pats have rented.  It looks more like a club than a home.

Living RoomThe Bar

The Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg.  It's a very good museum apparently, which outlines the slow steps that led to the abomination that was apartheid.

Apartheid MuseumApartheid Museum

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