An unexpected present

We got our old camera back!  Karla gave the postal people all the delivery information we had and asked them to look for it, and there it was, sitting in the "we have no forwarding address for this" pile in their warehouse for some unknown reason.  So now we have two cameras.  And we have some pictures of my belly (in a state of undress that makes them unsuitable for publishing) from a couple of months ago.  I thought I was so round then; little did I know.

Travis also photographed the wreckage left in Stanley Park after all the wind storms Vancouver endured this winter.

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One Response to An unexpected present

  1. Carla says:

    Yay for Karla getting your camera back!!
    Now I spose we have to take back all the filthy things we said about the postal service and the nasty people in it who steal cameras 🙂

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