QotD: Best Road Trip Ever

What was your favorite road-trip of all time? 
Submitted by bodhibound

So many road trips to chose from.  I have loved the idea of setting off on a journey ever since I was a little girl and getting in a car to drive off into the unfamiliar still gives me a thrill.

My best road trip though is the biggest:

The 3 1/2 months Travis and I spent driving around Western Europe.  We leased a Renault Clio and zig-zagged around France and Italy, with shorter forays into Spain, Austria, and Switzerland.  France is ideal driving territory – the roads are good, the French travel a lot so there are many cheap hotels to chose from, and it's a beautiful, fascinating place.  Every part of the country has its distinct history and culture.  I would love to go back there and visit some of the places we missed. 

Italy is not quite so easy to drive in.  The local drivers are even crazier than the French and the roads are more crowded and less well-maintained.  We got lost more often, once finding ourselves whizzing along a toll road at 120 kph in completely in the wrong direction because we missed our turn.  When we finally found an exit, and turned on to a back road it took us almost an hour to reverse our 15 minute stint on the motorway.  The drivers are friendly in their insanity though, so it wasn't as stressful as it could have been.  And the food is to die for.  As are the art galleries and churches and the ruins.  We visited the major cities; next time, I'd love to explore the smaller, less visited places.

I'd been dreaming of Europe for years, ever since my third form French class, and I felt privileged to be there.  Travis took lots of photos of me smiling like a maniac in front of monuments and laundromats alike.

The Colosseum, RomeDoing the laundry, Athens

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