Downtown San Jose

We've been not taking pictures of San Jose all year – we go downtown and forget the camera, or forget to get the camera out of the bag or pocket it's stashed in, or it rains, or some such thing.

On Sunday, Travis remembered the camera, remembered to use it, and managed to beat the rain.  So here are some pictures of the centre of San Jose.


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2 Responses to Downtown San Jose

  1. Luna Lunera says:

    Yeah, it happens to me too. I don't take as many pictures of Santo Domingo as I should.
    Nice pictures, btw!

  2. Janette says:

    Thanks! It's weird, when I'm a tourist, I take heaps of pictures but once I live somewhere I just stop. Santo Domingo has lots of lovely old buildings to photograph and since we were tourists there we went crazy. I've got lots of pictures of the centre of town there. Do you live near the older part? Or are you away from the water?

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