Vox Hunt: Fine Art

Show us your favorite work of art (fiction, music, sculpture, painting, architecture, dance, etc).
Submitted by Dean.

For some reason Anglo Saxon artifacts hold a profound fascination for me.  Something to do with my early immersion in Tolkien perhaps, helped along by the four years I spent studying Old English at university.  I've ended up with a strong sense of those remote people as the progenitors of my language and ultimately of me, seeing as how I'm of Scottish descent.

When Travis and I went to the British Museum in 2004, I saw signs for the Sutton Hoo collection and hauled Travis straight upstairs to look at it.  Out of all the treasures in that huge museum, the Sutton Hoo helmet and the gold jewelery moved me the most.  The work is astonishingly intricate and glows down the centuries at museum goers.  Even the hordes of school kids were interested.  Although the sarcophagi were more fun for them.  I particularly remember the boy who bravely peeped into one and popped up to say, "Ere, this one's got nuffink in it," in his best cockney accent.

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