QotD: Good Genes

What family member do you most aspire to be like?  Why?
Submitted by MalieKai.

My little sister.  She's doing a wonderful job of being Olivia's mother in often tricky circumstances.  Seeing what a good mother she is inspires me to believe that I can be a mother as well.  Should/when I have a baby of my own I'll be phoning Carla every two minutes to say, "Now what do I do?

Carla's funny, smart, cute, and strong – the kind of person who makes things happen.  Her enthusiasm lights up any kind of gathering.  She knows all the words to all the songs, whether she likes them or not.  And right now she's watching a whole lot of movies that I haven't gotten to see yet.

We're eight years apart so I remember her as a baby, but now that she's all growed up into a fabulous woman our relationship has changed from big sister/little sister to a really really close friendship.

Me, Carla, AndreaSigning the register

We were remembering a couple of big sister/little sister stories yesterday as it happens.  When Carla was very little, she used to crawl into bed with mum and dad if she woke up in the night.  Eventually dad got tired of that and she was banished to her own bed.  After a few nights of tears and tantrums, she realised that they weren't going to give in, so she quit trying.  Instead, she got crafty and decided that she would sleep with me.  For the next year or two, I spent most nights with a hot little toddler jammed against me, filling up most of the space in my single bed.  I didn't mind actually – I was flattered that she'd picked me, although I suspect that her motives were mostly mercenary.

I had to collect her from mum's work every day after school, a chore that I disliked because it cut into my play time.  The trip to our house was all up hill and Carla walked painfully slowly on her little legs.  She was too big for me to carry which meant that we were stuck going at her pace.   To distract me from my impatience and Carla from her tiredness, I told her stories.  I had a few in my repertoire, but the one we both liked the best was a very long and complex telling of The Three Little Pigs

In my story, the wolf dressed up in a bonnet and shawl and followed the pigs to market after he failed to catch them in the forest.  I can't remember all the details now, and I've never been able to find again the version of the story that I borrowed the market scenes from, but the story finished with the wolf rolling helplessly down a hill inside a butter churn, and the pigs going safely home.  No one got hurt in my version – humiliated, but not hurt.  I did the big bad wolf's voice – "Little pig, little pig let me come in."  And Carla did the pigs' voices – "No, no, not by the hair on my chinny chin chin."  If we timed it well, the story took us as all the way home.

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