How Did I Get Here?

Six months into my stint in Central America and I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that I live in the tropics now.  San Jose really appeals to me – it's warm and welcoming, and full of lively, social people.  Just leaving the house leads to adventures, even when I'm only going to the supermarket.  Going into central San Jose is an exotic, chaotic treat.  And an evening out has all kinds of possibilities – you just never know what you might bump into.  We live in a big bright apartment with a maid who comes in twice a week to make it all tidy for us.  We've visited volcanoes and driven to the beach and the jungle.  And last weekend, we stayed on a Caribbean island, complete with white sand beaches and palm trees.  As Travis said tonight, "It doesn't suck!" 

It surely doesn't.

The cold and damp of a Vancouver winter seem to belong on another planet.  Now I only read about the persistent rain, the mid-afternoon twilight, the heavy grey clouds massed just above the buildings.  (And this year, about snow and windstorms, power cuts, and water advisories.)  They don't exist for me in real life.


The change is so total as to be surreal.

The Talking Heads song – Once in a Lifetime – sums it up pretty nicely.  "How did I get here?"

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