All Good Things Come to An End

Petra and I had a come to Jesus moment about Father Christmas while we were flying home on Monday. She told me that she’d figured it out, that Father Christmas couldn’t be real because magic isn’t real, and that I had my suspicious “I don’t want to talk about it,” face on when she mentioned it, so she knew she was right. She wanted me to tell her the truth. I said, “Are you sure you want me to tell you?” She said, “Yes. Then I’ll have the story and I’ll have the truth.” So I told her she was right.

She’s happy with the result because she has the best of both worlds now. She can still enjoy the Christmas story which is fun and exciting for her. And she has the proud knowledge that she worked out for herself what the truth of the matter is.

She’s a smart smart girl. And a very astute and observant one. I might have to wear a bag over my face so she can’t read all my expressions!

It’s fascinating to see her developing. To my partial maternal eye, she possesses an impressively incisive and creative intellect and an admirably strong sense of self. I look forward to seeing what she gets up to as she grows.

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Good Things: Post the Fourth

There’s a week between posts because Petra and I have been in Dunedin hanging with the rellies. We’re home now though. Petra’s back to school. The dog is sticking very close to me. And I am thinking about all the things I need to do and feeling frazzled. So I’m procrastinating for now.

Day 5/5 of three positives:
1) Flying right over Dunedin and seeing the peninsula and harbour and the city itself all spread out below us.
2) Bumping into my cousin’s wife at the Dunedin airport and catching up on the family news.
3) Petra and her cousin Olivia’s pleasure at seeing each other. They took a moment to say ‘hi’ to each other and then got right into some serious play.

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Good Things: Post the Third

Day 4/5 of three positives…
1) Our fire warming the whole house.
2) The lovely librarian at the J’ville library who dispenses hugs to anyone who’s willing.
3) Petra working hard to earn money for Dunedin – she tidied the lounge, cleared and wiped the dining table, and set the table for dinner, complete with candles and a teapot full of water.

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Good Things: Post the Second

Day 3/5 of three positives…
1) Receiving a long affectionate email from a friend who’s far away.
2) Hot water and lemon drinks.
3) Billy Bragg’s cover of The Tracks of My Tears. Brilliant. Just brilliant. Although, I have to admit that Billy Bragg is a bit of an acquired taste…

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Good Things: A Five Part Series in Four Posts

Over on Facebook a friend of mine tagged me in the ‘list three positives from your day for five days’ meme that’s currently doing the rounds.
I’ve done two days so far and I thought I might just post them here as well to keep the blog ticking over. Petra and I will be going to Dunedin for a week next Tuesday, and I’m busy with the pre-holiday laundry and tidying, which leaves less time than usual for coming up with subjects for the blog.
Here are the first two days:

Day 1/5 of three positives…
1. Miss Petra getting dressed up in her ballet gear and putting on a dance show for me this afternoon.
2. Gorgeous mid-winter weather in Wellington.
3. My new, and greatly improved, haircut.

Day 2/5 of three positives…
1) Taking Pip for a wander round our street in the dark. He’s getting much better on the leash – not quite so much yanking these days.
2) Visiting the local library all by myself tonight.
3) Garlic sprouting and bulbs emerging in our garden. Our winter’s been so mild that everything’s coming up a couple of months early.

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On Venturing Forth

I’ve decided that it’s time for me to track down a part-time job. Which is a big deal when you’ve been out of the workforce for a gazillion years. The workaday world seems very very far from my life as a stay-at-home mum.

I’m easing the strain by applying for jobs in congenial environments like the Wellington Library. I love the library system and work it hard, and I can think of many worse things to do than hang out for a few hours several times a week issuing books to people.

It’s not all beer and skittles and chats about books of course. I’ve heard people complaining bitterly about fines and overdue books and fees. But I could deal with that in exchange for a bit of independence and money.

Cross fingers that they’re willing to take a chance on someone who has been out of paid employment for so long. I shall bombard them with applications until I wear them down.

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School Holidays

Miss Petra is off school for two weeks which means that I get two weeks off driving to and from Lower Hutt twice a day. Our bank account likes the reduced petrol bill, and I very much like the break from the car.

So far, we’re having a peaceful time. We went to the library yesterday and today we walked Pip up to the lookout at the top of the hill. Once there, we all had fun in our various ways. I looked out at the stunning view of Wellington’s harbour, Petra bounced around in the grass, and Pip ran all over the off-leash area with his nose to the ground.

We’ve spent the bulk of our time listening to audio books. Petra’s moved on from Paddington Bear and Stephen Fry to The Children of Noisy Village. This is one of Astrid Lindgren’s non-Pippi Longstocking books and is a lovely account of life in a small Swedish village in (if Wikipedia is to be believed) the 1930′s. The life described is peaceful and in tune with the seasons and filled with small pleasures and joys. And the book is full of quiet humour for the grown up readers. We’ve listened to it three times today and I’ve been amused and touched each time, and Petra has giggled and giggled. I particularly like the chapter about the small girls trying to bring happiness to their neighbours and inadvertently being horribly annoying. Petra likes the descriptions of Christmas and Easter and birthdays – her favourite times of the year.

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